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Amanda at Work!


Amanda K Gross is a fiber and mixed media artist living and working in Pittsburgh. Native to Atlanta, Georgia, Amanda came to Pittsburgh through PULSE via France, Germany, and small town Harrisonburg, Virginia. Currently, she is enjoying getting to know her vibrant and accessible adopted home city.

Beyond focusing on her own studio practice, Amanda is also interested in the intersection of art and community work. She has designed and facilitated community murals and quilting projects in collaboration with schools, community centers, and nonprofit organizations. Presently, Amanda is a teaching artist at The Neighborhood Academy.

Artist Statement

"As both a studio and community artist, I build my own artmaking around themes of transformation. I let content dictate media. In my studio, I reuse items no longer deemed valuable for their original intent and purpose as a metaphor for hope and transformation. My artwork critically examines issues of injustice and offers creative alternatives. This interest in transformation often takes my artwork off of the page and into the streets. For me, community is the ultimate canvas on which to work. I aim to transfer the aesthetics of my artwork to my surrounding society."

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