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Domesticated Series

Domesticated examines topics of war and violence in American culture. How have Americans domesticated war to integrate it into their daily lives? This series uses the uber-feminine ideal popularized in the 1950s as a satirical metaphor for the domestication of this culture of violence. Juxtaposing historically masculine images of warfare against traditional feminine art forms creates another layer of inquiry regarding gender roles in contemporary culture.

In the Recycled Fashion series, content dictates media. While resource scarcity afflicts many, society has never before had such an abundance of refuse especially packaging and plastics. What is the interplay between waste and an image-seeking culture? How does a society's garbage characterize its norms and values?

recycled fashion

Recycled Fashion Series

packet purses

Packet Purses Series

A playful look at packaging, convenience, and artistic innovation.

Hand-embroidery and hand-quilting on fabric.


Fiber Series



Using quilt as metaphor, deeply rooted in feminine practices of nurture and community, these paintings tell women’s stories, both individual and universal.

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